What makes your heart sing?

I don’t often listen to music while I work as I like to focus on what I am doing.  However, last week I had an afternoon in my home office when I was doing some repetitive work that didn’t require much thinking and decided to put on some music. I was loving the music so much that at the end of the day when I was ready to go for a walk I didn’t want the music to stop.  Light bulb moment – duhhhh – oh yeah I can play the music while I walk. 

I’ve lived in this lovely little beachside town for almost 2 years and I walk often, yet until last week I never thought of listening to music while I walk.  Weird……I know.  I sometimes listen to recordings and audio books but most often I enjoy the peace and I love it.  I experience that heart connection; my heart singing, but this particular walk was something else. 

My heart wasn’t just singing…..it was SOARING.  I was so completely immersed in the music and what was happening around me – the birds, the trees, the sand, the ocean, the sky, the people.  Just to top it off I went looking for stingrays at the jetty.  I watched for a while but didn’t see any.  Just as I was about to turn around and leave a huge stingray came right up to where I was standing and did a little flap – I like to think it as their way of waving and saying hello 😊.  It was so close I could see some seaweed stuck to its tail trailing along behind it. 

I was on such a high after this walk.  I felt so much love and connection for myself, everything and everyone.  And yet I experienced that because of a simple choice.    

I am sure there are a lot of you that can’t quite believe I never listened to music while walking before. It was, of course, always there as an option but for whatever reason I just never thought of it.  I don’t know if it is my commitment to play with expanding consciousness this year that opened me up to think a little differently?  Maybe it was just being aware enough in that moment that I was loving the music and it didn’t have to stop.

I can remember growing up describing different things that I did as “making my heart sing”.  I haven’t said that for a while.  It isn’t that I haven’t experienced it – I have now remembered it is a perfect description of that experience.  That heart connection that comes from being totally present and experiencing everything in this moment now.  You don’t have to think – just be – just allow.

What makes your heart sing?  When was the last time you experienced that?  If you want to experience more of life start choosing for what makes your heart sing.   If you don’t know then get curious and play with discovering what makes your heart sing – have fun and open yourself up to all possibilities.    

I am going to play with being aware of what makes my heart sing and choose for that. How about you?

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