Is Meditation “Woo Woo”?

Recently I have been hearing the term “woo woo” associated with anything spiritual including meditation.  My reaction to that is always……..well there is a limiting belief!

To me “woo woo” suggests that it is airy fairy, not real, it’s a bit out there.  Yet my experience of Ascension meditation is not that. 

I have practised different forms of mediation over the years and most of the time I would feel some peace or love or joy but it was usually fleeting. It would be a nice feeling that would last maybe as long as the meditation or a bit longer – until I learnt Ascension.

When I meditate it is not something I think or theorise about; it is an effortless surrender/letting go.  It is an allowing of peace, love and joy which already exists within and naturally expands out to my experience of life.  I am more present and aware of this moment NOW and everything this moment has to offer, rather than thinking about the past or future.

It doesn’t mean that I am this amazing, perfect, peaceful, loving, joyful being that is fluttering around being wonderful all the time.  I have my ups and downs, my good days, my not so good days like everybody. 

But I do recognise that peace, love and joy is always with me – it is not outside me – it is within me and it is as simple as choosing for it. 

To those that haven’t experienced that I can see they could think it is airy fairy, it is a nice thought but it isn’t real as it isn’t their experience.  That is fair enough.

I have a question for you.  What is your highest desire?  What is it that your heart desires more than anything?  Is it peace? Is it love? Is it joy? Is it freedom?  What is it for you?

To turn this completely around….. I realised what is “woo woo” for me are thoughts.  Thoughts are airy fairy, not real and out there!   We have thousands of thoughts a day that are mostly negative and self-critical.  They only have power over us if we choose to give them power.  How do we give them power?  By attaching to them, by believing in them, by identifying with them.  They are not who we are; they are an illusion.

I have another question for you.  What is stopping you from having; from experiencing; from being your highest desire?  Is it the thought that it just isn’t possible?  Is it the thought that you don’t deserve it? That you aren’t good enough? That you don’t know how to?

Guess what…they are all just thoughts…they are all illusions that you can either choose to believe, to attach to, to identify with, or not.

I invite you to be open to the possibility that all you have to do is choose for your highest desire.   

Ascension is how I discovered this – not the theory of it – it is the tool that took me to such a profound experience of peace that I couldn’t ignore it.  It changed my world because I finally knew the truth of it. It is the tool I continue to choose, as I simply experience more peace, love, joy and am more present to this moment now. 

If I keep up with my practice then it is effortless; I don’t need to try to experience more of life as it occurs naturally. If I don’t prioritise Ascension, then I experience more struggle. 

Ascension meditation isn’t the only way you can experience this of course, there are other ways, other tools and even certain experiences. Ascension is a tool that makes experiencing more of life simple and easy.

The techniques are mechanical, you don’t need to believe in them.  Using the techniques as they are taught and without any effort or trying you will experience more of life.

Because of the mind and body connection, when you use these techniques the body is in a deep state of rest, so naturally it starts to heal your nervous system and release stress.

The more you practice meditation with your eyes closed the more you will heal your nervous system and the more you will experience peace, love, joy, freedom and presence. You will still have thoughts of course, but your relationship to them changes.  Your limiting beliefs naturally drop away because you no longer attach to them. 

What’s more you can practice Ascension mediation throughout the day with your eyes open, so as stress starts to build up throughout the day you can easily release it; letting it go.  You become much more focused and productive.

As for the spiritual aspect of meditation – it is a choice to identify with it on a spiritual basis or not.  If you like to connect to the spiritual aspect of meditation you can, of course, but you don’t have to if it is not “your thing”.   The reality is, either way, if you practice Ascension it is a very practical and effective tool to enable you to experience more of life.

Are you ready to experience more of life?

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